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How’d we get our start?

Two colleagues at a large firm saw room for improvement in client service – remove the bloat, focus the lens, upgrade the infrastructure. After a year of conversations, Andrew left, and started RC. That story isn’t over.

2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons. But through it all, RC has scraped and clawed, and we’re still here. We’re dedicated to our clients in a way that large firms simply can’t match. We’re focused in a niche area – we don’t touch ERP, we don’t do finance work, and we aren’t industry content specialists on obscure subject matters.

We are customer experience architects and builders who understand large, complex organizations – and how they go to market. We make experiences grow, connect and scale – whether it’s through technology, strategy or operations. We have a small team of experienced practitioners – not an army of recent college grads. 

Company Leadership

Andrew Blackmore

Managing Partner

He’s been around – media, start-ups, agencies, and big consulting. He speaks native Sales and Marketing from his time in Design studios and Marketing roles, but is bi-lingual in Technology. He’s a partner build for Digital, focused on Customer Experience and dedicated to his clients.



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Head of Accounts, Partner

A trusted client advisor with decades of blue-chip consulting experience. He’s has a track record for giving trusted advice at the VP and C-Suite levels that has build life-long relationships. A whip-smart, savvy communicator and political operator – a wonderful ally for clients.

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Sales Enablement, Partner

A seasoned technology architect with a background in Salesforce and Anaplan – he has helped clients in the mid-market and enterprise rebuild and re-imagine how their Sales Operations functions work.